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Why a publisher must understand your vision

What is your vision?

Conveying your message to people requires a lot of guts and courage. Expressing your feelings is even harder because you need to take care of many things while speaking or writing. The tone and language are essential to get the desired results from sharing it with others. However, some people are more proficient as they possess excellent communication skills, which serve to become prominent. The two most used modes of communication are speaking and writing. Writing is more complex and challenging, as you need readers to understand the story through the written words, with you not physically visible to the readers. Speaking is much easier, as you can explain with your body language, making the writers somewhat unique humans who express themselves through their writings.

The modern age is characterised by the latest means of communications. Earlier on, writers only used to publish their stories and pieces of writing in the print media. Many people still do this, but it is not as popular as before. The reason is the exploitation of writers at the hands of publishing companies. Writers have been ill-treated in the past, making the life of a writer miserable. Instead of recognising the writer as the creator of the idea, having translated their thoughts into writing; hence, he deserves respect. The publishing houses degrade and let down the writers’ talent.

For the same reason, writers have realised that they should be self-publishing their work instead of looking forward to publishing houses’ response. The increased awareness has inculcated a sense of confidence among writers. When they can be so creative as to transform their ideas into the physical form, why should they be dependent on others to publish it? It makes the writer’s first right to earn money and respect for what they have worked so hard on.

It is not only about the amount of income that matters. It is the writer’s pride and dignity at stake when he pledges his piece of writing in the name of commercialism and materialism. If the publishing company does not recognise the very spirit behind the article, they are not entitled to make fortunes at the cost of the writer’s dignity.

The internet has again come to aid educated people who want to make a living using their communication skills. The various platforms providing an opportunity for writers to publish their work have helped them save their self-respect and dignity. The writers now create their blogs and market themselves without depending on others.

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