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What Genre do I Choose?

What genre is your book?

Learn how to identify the genre of a book correctly

One of the most frequent doubts among writers is the classification of the literary genre they should give to their books. They think about different aspects to get an adequate choice, target audience, contents and storytelling, timeline and much more; however, they don’t get a clear answer.

The genre of your book…

Must be defined from the first moment when you start developing your story. You must consider that this classification directly impacts the number of sales and people interested in reading your work.

If you are not clear about your book genre category, start by getting to know and reviewing each type’s characteristics. You can use the search engine of a store like Amazon to compare different works, read the descriptions and establish apparent differences.

Identify the main elements of your book

Consider the relevance of the characters. What kind of emotions and experiences they live in the story. If it can be a real story or if it has magical and or mysterious elements. Write down if there is a love story in your book and what level of protagonism it will take in time.

Finally, think about what kind of reader your book is aimed at. Consider general aspects such as age and underlying interests. A high school student, who is going through significant physical and psychological changes, is more likely to want to read a love story in which he or she can identify. At the same time, a father who is fond of mystery might be more interested in a detective story.

Establish empathy as your primary reference

Picture yourself as a potential reader.  Ask yourself if your book would appeal to him or her. If the answer is no, your book’s genre is not appropriate for the audience for which you wrote it.

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