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What makes us who we are today?

Angel Key Publications is an Australia-based independent self-publishing house. Who are dedicating their experience – which combined totals over ten years in the publishing industry – to help professionally any writer in successfully publishing and marketing their eBooks. Works in areas – Beenleigh, Brisbane, Australia. what-angel-key-publications-do services all of Australia, and also reaches customers in New Zealand.

Angel Key Publications is a self-publishing house founded by individuals who were contractors in top publishing houses before deciding to build their own business. Angel Key Publications has achieved in a few years has given us the ability to grow our business and become reachable throughout the major Australian states, including New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Northern Territory.


Angel Key Publications offers a complete range of personal services related to self-publishing – from ghostwriting to editing, typesetting, cover designs, eBooks, and paperback and hardcover book printing. Actually, the Angel Key Publications team works with printers, graphic designers, illustrators, and government agencies such as ISBN & CiP registrations. The company also works with editors, proofreaders and typesetting agents assigned to complete successfully the whole process of eBook publishing.

Book Publishing Printing Services

Angel Key Publications offers professional assistance when it comes to publishing various kinds of work such as novels, textbooks, full colour books, magazines and yearbooks. The company offers not only short runs of printed books, but also large quantity digital book printing. Angel Key Publications also converts books into eBooks and print booklets.Print on Demand (POD): This service allows authors to print their books in the desired and needed number of copies. Generally, the more books printed, the lower the cost.

Print Ready Files

Angel Key Publications print files that are already proofread and have a layout.

ISBN, Barcode & CiP Registration

Angel Key Publications takes care of registering authors’ books in the ISBN and CiP in addition to supplying barcodes. These are needed if an author wants his or her work sold in bookstores.
Children’s Book Printing & Illustrating: Angel Key Publications also caters their services to those who want to publish children’s books and need illustrations.

Editing and structuring a book

Providing typesetting agents: Angel Key Publications has experts to typeset various kinds of books. This option gives the authors time to deal with the other issues of their work.
Book Marketing[1] and Distribution: Angel Key Publications offers book marketing and book distribution services that are affordable and help authors to make the most out of their work.

Back cover blurb writing

Angel Key Publications team offers to write professional and optimised summaries that are found at the back of the book.

Synopsis writing

Angel Key Publications helps authors make synopses that represent what their book is about.

Sales Presenters

Angel Key Publications provides sales presenters to visually market an author’s book.


Angel Key Publications offers services regarding bookmark design and manufacture.
Posters & Flyers : Angel Key Publications designs merchandise that can be used for various events such as book signings, book launches, etc.

Business Cards Printing

Yearbook Printing

List of English language book publishers

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    Angel Key Publications has self published for authors Brisbane and Australia-wide. The articles are created for self publishing authors in good faith. I like that. Angel Key Publications is a true vale publishing and printing service.

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