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Terms and Conditions

Publishing and Printing Services

Preliminary Notes

You are the publisher of your book. The only signature required by Angel Key Publications™ Pty Ltd is to accept your quoted costs for the services and or products you have nominated. We don’t hold any rights or commissions whatsoever to your valuable work. Your files and your books are personal and are owned by you. You own the copyright of YOUR WORK.

1. The Author(s) / Client agrees

1.1. The Author(s) guarantees that the Author(s) has copyright to ALL material within the ‘Book’ (book, manuscript, work of art or other documents including electronic copies thereof) by being the Author(s) or creator(s). 

1.2. The Client hires Angel Key Publications™ to provide services. The Client is the person who pays for the services/products. Therefore, the Client is wholly responsible for overseeing all aspects of the publishing process. Furthermore, the Client is to deliver all final instructions to Angel Key Publications staff. Therefore, we will not accept final instructions from any third party. (EG: – Your designated proofreader, editor or designer). For example, book printing, complete self-publishing services, and book pre‐printing services (available in packages). Also, layby packages, print on demand manufacturing, eBook creation and marketing packages. In addition, Angel Key Publications will provide professional advice to enable quality products during the process. As a rule, if the work submitted by the Client is not your own work, you must have a license from the copyright owner and retain copyright to the ‘Book’ for the duration of this publishing/printing agreement.

1.3. Angel Key Publications™ will perform the publishing, printing and or marketing services as per the written quote acceptance between the parties. 

1.4. The Client accepts this agreement and must make some payment before the job commences. Payment for digitally produced files, printed books and marketing items will need the final cost before final delivery. The final payment needs to be made before books can be printed or delivered in printed books.

1.5. The Client or Author(s) may send their files to us via (As a rule, a free and safe file sending service for general consumers) or by CD/USB in the post.

1.6. If the Client does not take up any extra publishing, design or services provided by Angel Key Publications™ to set up files ready to print, the Client or Author must provide the files themselves in print-ready format unless otherwise stated. Angel Key Publications™ can not be held liable for any undesired results or be responsible if professional design services are not utilized. (The quality of your books in print rely on the correct set-up of the design files – This includes all images converted to CMYK) (Ask us for the right steps/settings for print quality files).  It is the clients/authors responsibility to check their written work.

2. Our Process

2.1. Once some form of payment has been processed and the artwork has transformed to a CONFIRMED PRINT READY format, a book proof can be posted to your nominated address if requested. Depending on your files’ condition, a book proof may take 3 to 12 working days on average. Hard Cover Books can take slightly longer in print, excluding delivery time (depending on the carrier and postage service to the Client or Author’s locality, along with current job cue status at the time) and can be affected by circumstances outside its control. Turnaround time of project refers to turnaround time from ‘proof approval.’ Discuss this with your consultant.

2.2. Angel Key Publications™ staff will try to the best of our ability to complete every step within the publishing/printing process in a timely and professional manner. It is vital that the Client checks and approves book files and book proofs with care. If a Client takes up formatting or covers design services, the Client agrees to check initial preliminary layouts with care. Because once the initial page or cover layouts are approved, Angel Key Publications will complete the files’ remainder based on the layout’s approval.

2.3. Let’s be fair:  If you change your mind about the structural layout or cover design once their files are completed and approved, Angel Key Publications™ will apply a new charge to redo/complete brand new files. New charges will be invoiced for any changes with files after final file approvals. New POD setup charges may also apply, along with any new changes requested to files after an eBook is completed and finalised. 

2.4. Angel Key Publications™ will not be held responsible or liable for the incorrect text, images or fonts showing within the files once an approval of proof copy either by pdf or printed copy has been supplied. Proof copies are produced for this reason. Clients are responsible for thoroughly checking files before requesting proof copies. 

2.5. We may make suggestions to improve your files in print. If submitting MS WORD DOC files, we will convert the files to CMYK for print. In good faith, we may slightly lighten images in your files so that they will look better printed on paper. You have the right to accept or reject these amendments. Please note: When submitting MS WORD files, the files may move slightly. We encourage your feedback and will work with you to ensure your files meet your expectations.

2.6. A book proof approval must be made by email or using the relevant approval form provided. Verbal consent over the phone is not sufficient. The Clients approval is final. (Take good care reviewing your files). Suppose you approve PDF files ready to upload to your POD platform for worldwide distribution, then you want to amend your files to resubmit them, no problem. We may request a new payment depending on the corrections needed to your working files, both in printed book and eBook format, along with any extra charge requested by the POD online platform to resubmit your new files. Let’s be fair!
As an example: Any edits or changes you would like to have completed to your eBook file AFTER YOU APPROVE your eBook file will be charged at a minimum charge of $65.00. We generally upload approved eBook files within 24 hours. An extra upload fee of $25.00 may also apply to re-upload the new file to your platform if we have already uploaded your original eBook file. Let’s be fair!

2.7. We work within a time frame based on your responses to our communication. Most edited manuscripts are completed and online for purchase on the POD system within six weeks. However, life does get in the way, and we understand. Hence, why we choose to work around your schedule.

2.8. NOTE: PLEASE WAIT FOR YOUR CONFIRMED DELIVERY DATE BEFORE ARRANGING ANY BOOK LAUNCH DATES ETC. We will arrange delivery of books in the fastest possible time frame available. However, due to the COVID 19 SITUATION, there may be delivery delays over which we have no control in some circumstances. 

3. Communication

3.1. In all instances, the client is encouraged to continually attempt to communicate positively with staff to complete your order in the process to your expectations within its limitations. The communication method between yourself and staff, along with the time taken with responses, plays an essential role in determining the time it will take to complete the whole process of your order. We do aim to please and to get it right. Your first PDF draft emailed to you may be a welcome or not so welcome surprise. Talk to your consultant, who will work with you to achieve your desired result within its limitations.

Why? Because as much as emails are a good source of communication at times, a phone call can speed things up faster and in the right direction. So pick up the phone if you need to! The onus is on you to communicate any issues or concerns directly.

3.2. We have the right to refuse clients of an abusive nature.

The Law States: Any business does not have to serve a verbally abusive customer. Abuse can take the form of email or telephone threats or written emotional abuse. We thrive on positive communication and work within a strict friendly business policy.

Active Businesses working within Australia have the right to provide or withhold services to customers at their discretion.

4. Refunds

Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and or services, they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what you ask. However, if you purchase something that isn’t right, you have consumer rights. Read more: ACCC

4.1. If you change your mind: We DO NOT supply refunds for creating digital files for cover design, content – manuscript setup, editing, proofreading services or marketing items. (These are digital items. Once delivered to you, they are then yours to keep. All businesses that work with digital creation follow these same terms. Once you have a digitally created file in your possession, it is impossible to return or refund it. It will always be in your control). Printed content with or without images in your printed books is also not negotiable for a refund in any form. The content is your text, design, and pictures you provided and approved to print. Again, correct feedback and communication is the key to satisfaction. Yes, we check the positioning in your files, but it is up to your designer to make sure all images and text are Press Quality and set up correctly for book printing.

Rest assured – We are here to work with you and your files WITHIN ITS LIMITATIONS until you are delighted.

We will work with you, formatting the initial few pages until you are satisfied with the look and layout. Once you have approved this initial preview of your content file, you change your mind on font styles, sizes or page placement. New change requests usually interrupt the flow of the entire content. Angel Key Publications will request a new fee for the design service. The full book content may need to be reformatted from scratch to achieve this. The extra work will take a designer’s time. This term and costs are necessary to protect the business’s legitimate interests. Let’s be fair! Generally, staff or trade workers are entitled to be paid for their time and effort.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have certain rights to cancel a service. You can’t cancel a service contract or get a refund if the problem was outside the provider’s control  Or if you: change your mind, insist on having a service provided in a particular way, against our consultants’ professional advice – OR failed to clearly explain your needs to Angel Key Publications, as the provider.

Any images we have provided through our sources or stock photo sites, including any photos, pictures we have taken the time to reconstruct, MAY not be supplied with your source files. Why? Provision of images is a free service Angel Key Publications offers for the benefit of authors who in turn acknowledge Angel Key Publications: By way of acknowledgement on the author’s copyright page. Such as ‘Published with Angel Key Publications’ assistance –,’ visible on the copyright page. Any images supplied may be revoked if this condition is not met.

4.2. Orders placed using our layby option can be refunded. However, a 30% surcharge of the total invoice may be payable. Any services or products taken in part during the layby period that is considered paid for will be given to the Client.

4.3. A 30% surcharge is applicable if you decide to withdraw your PRINT ORDER IN QUEUE once you accept the quote given to you. Talk to your consultant. There is a 3-day cooling-off period from the date of quote acceptance.  Refunds for other services, if approved by management, will incur a 300 dollar administration fee.

4.4. Angel Key Publications will not provide refunds for books printed or in print under any circumstances. So, you approved the files for printing? Let’s be fair!


4.6. Angel Key Publications™ Pty Ltd is not liable for handling the books out of its possession or control that may cause defects or damage to the book’s condition. The Client agrees to advise the bookstore management that all printed books sent to bookstores are kept away from rain, direct sunlight, high heat or humid conditions to prevent book covers from curling or peeling or interior pages from curling or curling waving.

4.7. No reprint will be considered if you change the paper stock type or thickness, images, or submit a new file to print your books from after receiving further book proof.

4.8. No replacement will be made for print quality of text or images on the pages where you set up low-quality images and files submitted for print without using the correct CMYK settings. Your designer can ask us for suitable print setting instructions if unsure. We recommend you request correct CMYK print settings diagrams).

4.9. Once you receive your book proof, it will be a digitally printed version. The resemblance between offset and digital printing will be as close as possible, given the different printing machines used. In this case, there will be some colour difference that usually is not noticeable to the untrained eye. Read more.

5. Book Printing Reprints

5.1. In the case of the unfortunate. You have 14 days from the day your products or books arrive to alert staff in writing any manufacturing errors in your printed books. (Refer to item 4.7. AND 4.8. above). If sending emails, you must call the office for confirmation that your email has been received to start this process. In addition, you must make copies or photos available if you are claiming reprints based on any manufacturing errors you claim are evident in your work. Fact: No single printer in the world will happily supply a refund for book printing. 

Angel Key Publications may replace any damaged books. Confirmed damage through manufacturing issues will be at the print managers discretion.

Angel Key Publications™ Pty Ltd does provide a reprint service according to the following conditions have been met:

The errors are limited to:

If pages are not printed in proper sequence as per book proof as provided in the pdf.

Pages printed upside down.

Pages printed in the wrong size.

Accidental fallout of pages that show no misuse or deliberate damage. 

To Summarise, Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be updated at any given time, with equal fairness. Our terms are clear and concise. Our terms set out the price, define the product or service being supplied and are required or permitted by another law. (such as terms limiting liability permitted by Australian Consumer Law).   AUSTRALIAN COMPETITION AND CONSUMER COMMISSION


If we obtain ISBNs for you, an imprint is placed with the ISBN, with Angel Key Publications Pty Ltd listed as the publisher. Our Publishing Business Name will appear next to your book title and ISBN online. In addition, there will be a line like this on your copyright page: Published with Angel Key Publications’ assistance. This is a bonus for you. Distributors and retailers prefer to purchase books with the assistance, guidance and support of a designated publisher. However, this does not mean that we own your book, profit in any form or claim any rights to your book. It simply means that our professional registered publishing company assisted to publish your book, and you purchased our imprinted ISBNs. That is all, nothing more.

Your book title is listed on Angel Key Publications list of published books available for sale on the Bowkerlink Global database. Distributors and buyers use these lists to access titles they want to purchase. As a result, we send their inquiry directly to you. However, they normally do not search for single authors self-published books. (When we apply for your ISBN with Thorpe Bowker, from our list of ISBNs, we write clearly in their processing application that you are the author of your work and own the copyright of your work).

If you don’t wish to be on Angel Key Publications ‘book title list of available books for sale’, you are encouraged to apply to Bowkerlink for your own ISBN.