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Family History Book Publishing / Printing – doesn’t need to be complicated!

Where do I start? Determine your family history book size, page count, how many colour pages you have, book bind type, along with how many books you require. If you need us to set up the manuscript or cover design for you, please then mention this in the quote request message box. Quote Request

Once I accept my family history book quote, what do I need to provide? Provide your manuscript in PDF, MS Word or Publisher Format. (If your content is not set up correctly, let us take care of it. A cost-effective solution).

Provide your setup for print Cover Design or let our design team work with you to create a superb cover design. (A cost-effective solution).

What we will do for you: All quotes accepted for Family History Book Publishing with Angel Key Publications come with advice, a template for your program if required, and a great level of support. Our support team are experienced with many computer programs and are here for you.

What book types does Angel Key Publications provide: Hardcover Books, Paperback and Spiral Bound book types. There are a large variety of sizes and shapes as well as paper options. Choose a colour, black and white or a mix of both. 

Questions can be directed here: EMAIL US. Place family history book questions in the subject header.

Whether you are a first-time author wanting to publish your memoir or organisation’s history; a book for your grandchildren, complete with your own illustrations; or you are an experienced writer looking to launch your novel to the world, Angel Key Publications can help you turn your ideas into reality.  Read more

How can we help with your family history book?

What can we can assist you with:

  • Preserving the important history for your family, friends or society.
  • Recording and documenting the development, change and achievements of your company or organisation.
  • Writing the biography of a distinguished community member. In fact, we can help you with all aspects of self-publishing.
  • Transforming your manuscript (or your memories) into a high-quality family history book that your friends, families and colleagues will want to read.
  • We can turn that business idea into a book that will help convey it with authority?

Family History Books Costs

Your budget for your family history book is the first item to consider. To determine the cost of your family history book printing and obtain a formal quote from a printer, you will need to specify the following:

The type of binding required. Softcover paperback, saddle stitch or case bound are the most common options.

The size of the book. A4 is the most common size.
Paper stock. 128gsm Matt silk is the most common paper stock.
The amount of printed pages you intend to print.
You will also need to decide on whether the books will be printed in colour or black and white. Colour printing looks nice but is much more expensive than black and white, so weigh the costs and options.  Printing Quote           Publishing Quote

Angel Key Publications P/L

A team of experienced publishing professionals, designers and editors. Not only can we help you with all aspects of publishing and printing your family history book – from editing, typesetting, cover design and internal layout to printing, marketing and promotion design. We offer true value for money services.

Whether you want to publish your book for your family history, your organisation, or for your own satisfaction, or test its market appeal, call a consultant today on 07 417 00 751.

All of us have a unique story to tell. We all have invaluable life experiences. We have treasured memories – the building blocks that give us substance and make us alive. We have experienced change – the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, or the founding of our town, the rise of our organisations and the development or destruction of our communities.

We delve into our past to recall episodes and occasions; our emotions are stirred at the sight of old photographs, copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, piles of old love letters tied tightly with ribbon, postcards from overseas, mementos and souvenirs, locked diaries and hidden keepsakes.