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An affordable branding package start to your business identity.

Do you make a great first impression, or are you losing customers before you can say hello?

The branding package is PERFECT FOR… small business owners and start-ups who have a vision for their brand and feel ready to collaborate with and invest in a graphic designer and branding. Your new visual identity will be custom to your business and include the essentials to help you start to develop a cohesive, authentic, beautiful brand.

Branding is very important. A good clean attractive logo builds that instant connection with your audience. Business cards, letterheads and social media graphics all work together to show customers you mean business. Our designers are masters of the latest trends in branding. Ready to create the perfect logo and brand identity that your clients, past, present and future will remember well.

Our Branding Process

Discovery & Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Our discovery process will assist us get to know your customers and understand your brand. Answer questions along with a strategy call to make sure we have complete clarity around your customers, goals and vision before we start your design.



This is where the magic happens! Together, we’ll design and build your new look and feel. From logos, to fonts, colours to graphics, you’ll be involved every step of the way to ensure that the final product is exactly as you imagined (or better!).

Go Live!

Go Live!

We will then send you all your final assets and files, ready for you to start using. We’ll also share some of our best branding tips so you can launch with total confidence.

Business Branding Packages

Basic Branding Packages

Includes unlimited revisions
Industry Standard File Supply. Logo files supplied in full range of variations. Within This Package

All of these Includes after sales support.

$1,960.00 normal price.    

Business or Company Trademark Registration

$ 1190
  • Work Completed by our registered trademark lawyer.
  • Includes consultation with selection of a trademark name and all registrations.

Business or Company Name Legal Registration Process.

$ 990
  • Work Completed by our registered trademark lawyer.
  • Includes consultation with selection of a trademark name and all registrations.

Enter your title

Enter your description
$ 440
  • Facebook, Twitter – Social Media Banners – all size concepts to suit up to 4 Social Media sites.
  • It’s where we live and play. And we can make it work for you. We develop social strategies that perform on every platform, create compelling content that stops people mid-scroll and use our digital smarts to grow your relevance, conversions and reach.


Animation keeps our souls dancing – and it shows. Our experience in creating slick motion graphics, superheroes, award-winning web series, animated interviews and engaging explainer videos allows us to bring stories and subjects to life without limitation. (Price is determined by design concept)

Online Branding – Websites

Your website is your home. It should be beautifully designed, functional and easy to renovate. No matter what the scale, our design and development teams work together to build accessible, responsive websites that delight on every device.

Starting from $890.00 for Authors Book Promotion Website.

Online Branding – Websites

Your website is your home. It should be beautifully designed, functional and easy to renovate. No matter what the scale, our design and development teams work together to build accessible, responsive websites that delight on every device.

Starting from $890.00 for Authors Book Promotion Website.

Website Author Package

$ 890
  • Setup of a multi-page web page consisting of a home page which is enticing and graphic orientated
  • There is a page dedicated to the book and its content including free samples to download
  • 3D book cover image
  • A page dedicated to you as an author
  • A reviews and media activity page
  • A contact page that has emails, Facebook links and any other forms of communication.

Package Prices are discounted for combinations

Business Premium Package

$ 1790
  • Number of Pages 5 – You can easily add more with our instructions or with our web developer.
  • Google Map
  • Social Media Links
  • Instagram Feed
  • Free Stock Images up to 15
  • Icons
  • Blog Post
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Custom G
  • Contact Form
  • Embedded Video Content
  • Gallery
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive
  • Site Submitted to Google and Bing
  • Optimised for Search Engines (SEO)
  • Monthly Hosting, Support
  • WordPress installation
  • SSL Certificate
  • Full Width Image Header Static Rotating
  • Training Tutorials
  • Phone Consultation
  • Delivery time 10 Business Days 15 Business Days

Branding: Importance – Benefits – What it involves – What it achieves

For at any rate the previous decade, the subject of “marking” has ruled showcasing exchanges to the point that the idea has various definitions and clarifications. This expansion has not so much expanded the validity of marking as an issue capacity, yet rather appears to have made perplexity with respect to the real esteem that marking gives -if the quality can even be measured. The lion’s share of representatives would likely concur that marking is essential, and creating a “brand character” for their association ought to be a piece of their long-range arranging. Nonetheless, associations working in today’s economy are under colossal weight from stakeholders to concentrate on present budgetary results.

In view of this, the test has been to gauge marking’s monetary profits to an association from both short- and long haul viewpoints. How does marking help the budgetary strength of an association? Also, on the off chance that it doesn’t help, does marking hold any quality at all or would it say it is simply a decent subject for the most recent showcasing master book?

This article will give you knowledge into six budgetary profits that a solid brand personality helps an association. This article will likewise clarify how mark separation and brand pertinence can be profitable devices for expanding an association’s working edge.

What is brand personality at any rate?

Before tending to its monetary profits, we offer this short meaning of brand character. An association’s brand character speaks to how the organization needs to be seen in the business sector, what the organization remains for, and in particular, suggests a guarantee to the organization’s clients.

The estimation of a solid brand

Taking into account the examination introduced in his book, Building Strong Brands, Dr. David Aaker refers to various monetary and non-budgetary profits to building a solid brand. AVS filtered through these profits and found that six of them have immediate effect on an association’s monetary execution. Each of these profits can be measured and they are associated, implying that if the first advantage can be attained, it will support the association in attaining the staying five.

Our exploration likewise demonstrated that accomplishing the six advantages is a straight process. Attaining Benefit 1 will help the association in arriving at Benefit 2, et cetera. Furthermore (and likely the most capable profit of all), when an association has accomplished every one of the six monetary profits, it circles over to the first event and rehashes the methodology like a continuum. This is an influential methodology, in light of the fact that as an association rehashes its excursion through the continuum, the brand gets stronger and stronger. Each one pass through the continuum creates more money related profit to the association. AVS calls this process the Brand Continuum.

Here are the six monetary profits to a solid brand character:

Profit 1: A solid brand character charges a value premium. Why is somebody eager to pay a huge number of dollars more for a Lexus than for a Toyota? They are essentially the same item except for some extra alternatives and frill. “You can likewise purchase fascinating autos from Jaguar, Volvo, and Range Rover. Furthermore every one of them is made by Ford- -and you shouldn’t be astonished to find that they even impart parts.”

The worth recommendation is wrapped around the brand. The Lexus, Jaguar, Volvo, and Range Rover brands are worth all the more in the personalities of customers paying little heed to whether the item really capacities better.

Profit 2: A value premium makes the impression of value. This takes after the age-old saying of “you get what you pay for.” If a Lexus costs more than an equivalent item, it must be on account of the Lexus gives better quality. Correct? Not so much. There are a lot of lower-expense, great vehicles accessible, yet individuals still pay more for what they see to be a superior or higher-quality brand. So the adage exists on.

Profit 3: Perceived quality has been demonstrated to absolutely influence client use. Customers have a tendency to choose brands they see to be quality brands. This likewise associate with rehash purchasing or brand steadfastness. Buyers have a tendency to keep purchasing brands that compensate them with a decent experience versus rehashing the assessment procedure repeatedly.

Profit 4: According to Dr. Aaker’s examination, seen quality is the absolute most-vital supporter to an organization’s rate of return (ROI), having more effect than piece of the overall industry, R&d, or promoting consumptions. Seen quality helps benefit to a limited extent by upgrading costs and piece of the pie. Enhance saw quality and the association’s ROI will progress.

Profit 5: Customers relate esteem with quality. This is nearly joined with Benefit 2. On the off chance that one brand is seen to be of higher quality than an alternate brand, clients have a tendency to see that the higher-quality brand is a superior worth.

Profit 6: Perceived quality can be a state of separation. Brilliant organizations are persistently searching for approaches to separate their brand from contending offers. Seen quality can be utilized to separate, and in doing in this way, empower the organization to circle again to Benefit 1 and charge a value premium for their solid brand.

Brand separation and brand importance

Brand separation and brand importance are both essential on their individual benefits. Notwithstanding, a solid brand character is just structured when an association mixes its separation with pertinence. Mckinsey & Company characterizes brand separation as “…the capacity for a brand to stand separated from its rivals. A brand ought to be as exceptional as could reasonably be expected. Brand wellbeing is constructed and kept up by offering a set of separating guarantees to buyers and conveying those guarantees to influence esteem. Importance is the real and saw significance of the brand to a substantial business sector section. This gages the individual suitability of a brand to purchasers and is unequivocally fixed to market entrance.”

Revealing your brand’s separation and pertinence through a fair brand separation investigation is imperative to recognize your brand from rivals’ brands. Inside the investigation, it is critical to reveal the brand emphasizes that purchasers would order as bets, drivers, neutrals, and fool’s gold.

Stakes are peculiarities that are exceptionally important to buyers additionally given by contenders. Drivers are both exceptionally important to purchasers furthermore extraordinary from contenders. Joining both risks and drivers together structures the establishment of a solid brand personality. As indicated by the Young & Rubicam Brand Asset Valuator, organizations that build their brand’s separation over contending brands have around a 50 percent higher working edge generally versus organizations that permit their brand separation to lessening.

In outline, contributing to building a solid brand personality is a nonstop process. Today’s economy obliges associations to amplify their monetary viability. Working through the Brand Continuum aides guarantee that a brand conveys the monetary quality important to keep an association in front of the opposition.

You may be asking why Branding is so paramount to the accomplishment of your business. Consider the focuses underneath, to perceive how they would help the development and end result of your wander.

1. A sharp center will be made – this clarity will build your general viability.

2. Your promoting exercises will be more prone to draw in the right prospects for your administration.

3. Your business advancement arrangement will be adjusted to your individual qualities – for expanded accomplishment, with decreased anxiety.

4. Center messages will be made that genuinely reflect the peculiarities, advantages and special characteristics of your item or administration.

5. An acceptable predictable item & vicinity will impart trust in your clients. You will commonly make a feeling of unwavering quality, and obligation.

6. Gives your business a structure and arrangement, providing for you the time to concentrate on different parts of the business.

7. Brings request to your day, making frameworks to take the worry of your business exercises.

8. Illuminates the society of the business so everybody included can undoubtedly help the business objectives.

9. Takes into consideration a technique driven business that will build income producing frameworks.

10. A solid brand will build you and your business as masters in your field.

In the event that you need further persuading consider the organizations you respect and consider on the off chance that they have an arrangement set up. I would wager that they do. Presently consider, in what capacity may a methodology, for example, this drive your benefits?

The most successful people work smart, not hard

Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom