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Book Printing – Are you looking for quality book printing and book binding options in Australia? Book production can be challenging when doing it for the first time. We have high-speed broadband data lines to transmit your digital files via the Internet easily. Or, if you prefer, you can send us your electronic reproduction files by mail. Our trained publishing consultants can come to you in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.

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Setting up a manuscript ready for accurate book printing and book binding is a skill. However, you can easily prevent many problems if you choose a book publisher rather than simply a book printer. Incidentally, we offer FREE advice on your provided files.  

Thereby, If you are looking to print affordable and quality books, all totally guaranteed, contact us for a FREE QUOTE. Thus, print your own book your way with help from the experts. Services available Australia-wide.

What books do Angel Key Publications print?

Book printing types: Children’s Books, Self-help Books, Fiction Books and Novels. Autobiographies and Biographies. Training Manuals, Graphic Novels, Business Books and Family History Books. Mind, Body, Spirit Books and Personal Memoirs. Print book – Hardcover Books, Cookbooks and Travel Books. Wiro-Bound Books and Paperback Books of all kinds. Print book – Saddle-stitched Booklets, Historical Books, and General Non-Fiction Books. Centenary Celebration Books and Sports Club Books.  Print book – Educational Resource Books and Comic Printing Books. For all book printing and book binding options, affordable and quality guaranteed contact Angel Key Publications. 


What does Print On Demand (POD) mean? Book Printing

In summary, the short-run printing service or POD is for writers who don’t necessarily want to print hundreds of books at a time.

Printing by POD is a way to get your book out there. However, as with any POD provider service, you will get what you pay for as the quality is not super, naturally. 

Authors have thus been interested in what has been promoted as ‘print-on-demand’. POD – (print book) printing a single copy or an ultra-short-run (for example, 10-20 copies).

Consequently, much of the technology is not new. Independent publishers and authors have taken camera-ready copies and disks to local and offset book printers for at least two decades.

Subsequently, In 2008, publishing industry specialist R.R. Bowker reported that US output of “print-on-demand, short-run and unclassified titles” rose from 21,000 in 2006 to 134,000 in 2007.

However, It is unclear whether that increase represents a significant trend or is instead attributable to changes in data collection mechanisms.

(A perspective provided by Bowker’s report that US “production of traditional books” increased by 1% from 2006, with 276,649 new titles and editions)

The actual printing and book binding options are limited using print-on-demand services. As a rule, the paper stock is usually stock standard. You will not be able to select quality gloss, matt silk or satin paper types for the book content.

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