Let us help you design a fabulous Book Cover Design!

A book cover design can range from a standard book cover design to a creative book cover design.

Our standard book cover design for $290.00 includes two images + a simple design. We welcome your input to enable this cover design to be completed just how you would like it to be.

The medium-advanced book cover design is priced from $390.00. This cover design includes a medium detailed illustration or photo manipulation.

Our pro book cover design from $590.00 includes a detailed illustration or a creative photo manipulation. This cover file is similar to ones that top-priced agents charge over $1000.00 for.

Book Cover Designs


We take on your design needs, extract your ideas and/or rough plans (or we design from scratch), then we blend it with purpose, placement and a sensitive creative strategy to deliver a fabulous cover design for your new book.

We understand strategy-driven design is important to deliver a result best for intended placement – we keep in mind that design follows the purpose and knowing this allows us to help you achieve more value for every dollar spent.

Our Graphic Design Team specializes in creating dynamic artwork

Graphic Design starts from only $120.00 (fixed cost)

A unique fixed cost structure with unlimited graphic design and development makes hiring Angel Key Publications stress-free with no surprise costs in the end. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing costs and budgets have no chance of blowing out and feel confident you’ll achieve a result you’ll love. Unlimited graphic design and development for your new book cover design awaits your approval – all within a fixed one-off cost.

EXTRAS: No added fees for revisions and drafting. No added fees or commission when assisting with 3rd parties (such as print and production house).

NOTE: Updating established designs and files costs $45.00 per hour.

All include graphic design and development with drafting and proofing with design approval required for completion, file, font, colour management and delivery.

We know each situation is different from the main contributing factor being time/man-hours required for each design situation. If you’re unsure about your situation and would like to know an obligation free quote, simply call us.

What Program is a Book Cover Design completed in?

Book cover designs created with the help of an Angel Key Publications Book Cover Designer are affordable, creative, simple and perfect to suit your budget.

A Book Cover Design can be generated in programs such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Book Cover Pro.

Our programs ensure high quality!

Ask for our complimentary cover setup instructions to create your own Book Cover Design in your word, publisher or another available program.

Send your completed book cover design setup file to us and our Book Cover Designer will place the required crop and bleed marks on your cover file for a reduced cost.

The Book Cover is printed separately to the book file. The Book Cover Design file will hold the front, back and the spine similar to the example above when finished.

Our Paperback Covers are printed on 300gsm card. You can choose matt or gloss cello-glazing for your book for added protection.

A Book Cover Design created by or with the support of our professional Book Cover Designer is set up to the correct size before being sent to print. This is called a print-ready file.


Design your own book cover in your current publisher or word program, then simply send us the file and all the images you used in jpeg or tiff formats. Our designer will then set this up in our programs and send this back to you for inspection before going to print.

The cost for this service is lower than the standard cover design special offer – approx. $220.00. The cost depends on the work required.

If you want potential book buyers to seriously consider your work, you need a seriously good-looking book cover design.

This is why we’ve engaged the talent and expertise of a graphic designer.

With the Pro Cover service, you get a superb book cover, designed from scratch, by a professional with considerable knowledge on how to attract both publishers and buyers. You’ll have full rights to use original artwork and/or high-quality royalty-free images. In the end, you’ll have a professional cover that will give today’s best sellers a real run for their money.

Now, when you purchase the book cover design service, you can have up to two images for free (if you do not have an image already).

Please feel free to contact the Angel Key Publications team with any questions regarding book cover design.

Team up your fabulous book cover design with an excellent book formatting option.



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  1. Could you please have a look at my cover for Secrets by Andrew Fox and tell me what you think about it and what it costs for a great cover

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