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Publishing Quote - with Angel Key PublicationsPublishing Quote - with Angel Key Publications

Publish your own book

For all those out there who are fed up with the unethical attitude of the publishing companies, here is a solution. If you have got the skill and the competence to prove your mettle, you can do it with the assistance of Angel Key Publications instead of depending on large profit building publishing houses to get your work published. This is a matter of common observation that publishing companies – whether online or physical – do not do justice to the writers. Even the most creative authors do not get the worth of their written material and hence suffer from depression and disappointment. It is not only a common practice in the online market but also that the renowned publishing houses are involved in such a fraudulent activity exploiting the writers. Angel Key Publications hopes to lead the way, assisting writers to get the most out of their written work.

Angel Key Publications can supply all the services you need to self publish and market your new book.

With Angel Key Publications we are are plain and simple. We keep the costs down for you.

How? We do not invest in fancy overheads, corporate buildings, large scale advertising or paid sales executives.

We do not offer to sell your book and take part in any royalty program credited to us.

Yes, we do run the office location as internet based.

We do offer in home mobile services to many areas. Read more

Take control!

Don’t limit yourself to publishing houses

However, if you are confident enough that you can write quality pieces of writing, the whole world is open to you and you should not limit yourself to the traditional publishing houses. This just wastes time and resources by handing over your writing to a publisher who is not even willing to pay for it. The alternative way is to get it published on your own. It is possible now and will be the best way to get the true worth of your created material.

If you search online, you will find that there are plenty of options in the form of blogging.  Ask about or blog setup service. The websites provide a platform to the emerging, as well as experienced writers who want to get their skill recognized by the large number of readers. Not just blogging, where you can upload your content in the form of stories, but you can even get your book published on the internet. As the number of clicks on your stories increases, you will be noticed by more people. This would open a new avenue for you as you will be better able to market yourself on other websites by quoting the link of your blog or URL.

Print Publication

As far as the publication of your book in print is concerned, this still holds some risk because it requires a great deal of investment and infrastructure to have your own printing center where you can print your book according to the National or International standard. But again, the option of online publishing is still for those who do not have sufficient funds to pursue the publication in print version.

Getting your book published on the internet in itself is a great achievement and if you get the desired recognition and appreciation from the readers, you will be able to have the break of your lifetime. This is one of the best ways to market your content and you might get lucky enough to get large projects from reliable sources willing to pay a handsome amount for your material. Due to the ever-increasing awareness and knowledge sharing, more and more people are turning towards self-publication instead of doing it through the publishers.

Bring out the author in you

We write to create. But at the most fundamental level, we write for ourselves. So why do we write? We write to share our experiences, we write to explore, and we write for a million other reasons.

But to truly grow as a writer, we have to push our creations out into the world. We have to seek out readers who want to experience what we’ve written. Why? You may be a writer of books, but you only become an author when you share your stories and ideas to the world—when your book is published.

This is what sets apart a writer from a published book author. This is why you should always strive to bring out the author in you.

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