Cloud Tales by Ilka Nelson

Latorica’s first published book, Cloud Tales-Volume One, tells of a magical Being made of water who returns to the Earth to help us remember how to heal and how to love. A wonderfully rich, imaginal series, Cloud Tales offers gentle guidance and steady hope in a space of deep honesty about the fears and perils of being alive at this time.

Cloud Tales is steeped in mythological tradition. It has been likened to the ‘Little Prince’ in being a ubiquitous philosophical tale that is suited at one level for adults, but is also accessible to children through the 12 hand-painted drawings of Cloud along her journey.

Author and Creative Ecologist, Ilka Blue Nelson from Latorica Studio, researched environmental storytelling for her Masters Thesis (2013). She then trained in Water Diplomacy with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) to better understand the patterns between culture, nature and the future of water in these current times of global environmental crisis.

“The scale of environmental loss we are witnessing is devastating, especially in spite of the heart, sweat and sacrifice given by so many around the world to help educate communities and protect our living ecologies. I feel water best reflects us, so I worked with water mythology to create Cloud Tales both as a seed and a gift. It’s a seed for children and people who haven’t yet opened to our relationship with the living world, and it’s a gift for those who have opened, to say thank you. Because we need to rest into the beauty and the sadness of this incredible planet as much as we need to be responsible for protecting it”.

For more information on this beautiful printed hard-cover limited edition book, or to purchase a copy, visit www.latorica.net. 10% of all book sales are donated to the Rainforest Action Group.

About Latorica

Latorica is an earth-centric educational platform and artist studio featuring the writings, art, and consulting services of Creative Ecologist, Ilka Blue. Latorica is a place where storytelling & ecology mix, offering a highly intuitive yet cerebral tapestry of storytelling, creative/strategic consulting, workshops, and solution-based healing for people, planet, and the systems that connect them. Contact us at www.latorica.net

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