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Marketing your book with social media

Marketing your book with social media

Social networking has become an everyday moment for millions of people worldwide. Whether it is a tweet, a post, a clip or a pic…everyone is sharing. It is also an excellent means of promoting books. For many authors, the journey into social media doesn’t even exist until they start their marketing. Social media can play a huge role in promoting your book and drive interested readers to your website. Not every social platform will work for every author and every audience, so what social media network should you start on? The answer to this depends a lot on the audience for your book. You have to know where it is they like to hang out. The list of social networking platforms grows all the time, so how do you know where to begin? It starts with selecting the most well-known. The Fab Five – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.


Facebook is the medium on which you will find people you know. Friends, family, co-workers, school mates, etc. Because they know you and want you to succeed, they will often ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, or ‘Share’ your posts, which means they reach their audiences as well. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and it makes sense to have a page for you as an author or for your book.


Twitter is a place where people post in short bursts things they are experiencing or have recently experienced. They post how they feel, something that moved them, an inspirational story, how they perceive something, a funny video. If you feel you can tweet experiences that others would follow, then, by all means, tweet away! Some types of tweets for authors to consider would be blogs, videos, events and quotes.


LinkedIn is a site for connecting with other professionals. Some of the most successful self-publishers on LinkedIn are the authors whose target market are business people. However, some authors share all types of genres on LinkedIn. Again, think about your audience and if they would be a LinkedIn networker.


Google+ is fast becoming one of the largest social media sites because it’s the place where you can truly connect with people you don’t yet know but who share your interests. It’s easy to get started and add people to your circles and connect with communities. If you were promoting a cookbook with unique Middle Eastern spices, it would be easy for you to connect with middle eastern food groups, cooking lovers, and other related communities.


Pinterest is a social media site for pinning photos into collections that are then shared to inspire others. Young women dominate it. If you have images in your book that are compelling and inspirational, pin them and see if they drive traffic to your website, especially if your target audience is women.

You must start marketing using social media as soon as you can. Even when you are writing, start building online interest through these mediums. The key to social media is participation:

  • Set-up an account to include a good avatar (it should be your face, so people get to know you) and fill out your entire profile.
  • Choose one or two platforms, to begin with, and build slowly, so you know you are reaching the right target.
  • Engage your followers BEFORE you market anything to them.
  • Share, comment, tweet, like, and  1+ other peoples posts.
  • Find articles that are related to your topic and post them.

Finally, if you are marketing using videos – video book trailers, video interviews, testimonials, chapter readings, book signing/speaking event highlights videos – don’t forget about YouTube. It’s not only a social media site; it’s the world’s second-largest search engine. People are looking for you and your book there, and posting videos on YouTube can drive traffic to your website quickly!

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