How to write an enticing blurb

Convince hesitant readers to buy your book

You have the main thing in your book, an excellent cover design, striking title and a story full of emotions. However, you do not know how to make a back cover blurb. A back cover blurb allows readers to gain a general idea on what your book is about.

Many writers think that the key to getting sales and attracting new readers is in the cover design and the book title. However, they completely forget the importance of the short review written on the back cover of the book, known as the “blurb“.

Although it is difficult to summarize so many pages in a few lines. It is necessary to do so. Since readers do not buy a book without first knowing what the book is about, or if the story it contains is of interest to them.

However, it is a mistake to think that the back cover of your book is a space to summarize the content of the book. The aim of this text is to convince and persuade the reader to buy with the book. Doing this in a discreet and subtle way, through mystery and intrigue.

The most practical exercise in writing something great in this space is to forget for a moment that you are the author. Feel as if you were a person who has just finished reading the book.

Think about the description and opinion you would have just after finishing reading the last page.

Never write anything that you don’t like or can’t be convinced of. If you, as the author, are indifferent to what you read, other people will feel even less when they see a flat cover design that doesn’t convey emotions.

Write something that is attractive and engages your reader from the very first moment. It must be able to fill you with the desire to know what happens in the story and how that advance you put on the back cover ends.

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