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How to write a tagline for your new book?

One way to attract readers to your new book

Did you know that the tagline on your book can stop many people from buying it? That’s how important it is to communicate the advance or short message you put next to the title on the cover of your book.

This short phrase’s essence is to clearly and descriptively communicate what the reader will find in your book.

It helps create expectations and attracts potential readers to buy whilst generating an idea of the type of narrative they will find.

The tagline is your grand synthesis, which defines and summarizes the story, intriguingly creating the authentic stamp. Writing a good tagline (slogan) is not a complicated task, but it requires creativity and patience.

Here are some essential recommendations to help you better summarize your ideas in that short sentence.

Firstly, you could consider that the written line should be easy to remember, shocking and understandable. It should generate a fantastic expectation, making anyone want to read the whole book.

Also, the regular expression of some characters could be an excellent way to encompass the story and make the reader feel identified.

Think about each of the actors in your story, identify which one is more relevant, and clarify what you want to highlight on your cover—coherently following your work’s literary sense and genre.

Readers will feel confused and cheated if you anticipate an exciting love story, but the play has more suspense or science fiction than romance. Therefore, guided by the tagline description, readers expect a story that fits that little phrase.

Don’t be left with only one option. Take paper and pencil, let your ideas flow, relax and ask yourself which words could summarize your work in less than two lines.

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