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How to Self-Publish with Angel Key Publications

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 Care is our main point of difference! That is who we are as individuals.
Our dedicated  publishing team at Angel Key Publications will take time for you.
Apples versus Apples: It may be true that you only get what you pay for.
But what if you get the opportunity to pay less for your book publishing and
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The Care factor!

How to Self-Publish with our Publishing Company

Have you always dreamed about being an author but don’t know how to go about publishing? Do you have a ready book, but you’re tired of looking for the right literary agent? Angel Key Productions will help you!

Well, we have an ultimate solution to all your problems –! Self-Publish Your Books

Now you may wonder, how exactly am I supposed to self-publish my work?

Where can I find the right publisher who can help me achieve a good marketing value for my hard work?

That’s where Angel Key Publications comes into the picture.

Let’s talk about this incredible publishing business that makes your dreams come true.

For the past 12 years, Angel Key Publishing has been a remarkable publisher in Australia. With our expertise and experience, we have fulfilled the dreams of many authors through the years. We treat every client that comes our way as individuals, as we believe we are one strong family; together, we can make things happen!

Furthermore, our printing and publishing company is dedicated to offering new and established authors an opportunity to create their brand on a global scale. What we offer is a variety of services to help you achieve your goals.

We have teams of expert advisors who can help you determine exactly the right platform(s) to publish your book for maximum reach and effectiveness. Our services are purchased on the go; therefore, you can choose your packages based on your exact requirements.

Angel Key Publications offer a wide range of hard-cover publishing, online publishing, podcasts, and audiobooks. You can also acquire our personalized editing and marketing services to build your brand more effectively.

Nevertheless, the best part about Angel Key Publishing is that we offer autonomous rights to the author. That means you are the solitary owner of your Intellectual property, and you alone get to make the final decisions.

Why Self-Publishing is always the smarter choice

It is important to reach out to your audience directly, so they get the material from the author rather than third-party agents and publishers that can make the process difficult and less profitable. With Angel Key Publishing, you have the incredible opportunity to reach out to your audience and deliver your pieces with their original voice and intent.

Standard publishing methodologies can involve several losses for the author. For one, your literary agent will need to be paid a percentage of your income. Then the publishing houses have the copyrights on your books which further drills a hole into your earning potential. As an author, you conceptualized the idea and did all the work of writing the book or creating the podcasts; yet, you get rewarded a significantly lower amount.

However, with self-publishing, especially with Angel Key Publications, you have exclusive rights to your work. Therefore making you the sole benefactor of the royalties. You still get to brand and market your works on a global scale without having to share your profits with anyone.

Consequently, more and more authors these days choose to self-publish their incredible creative works to earn the recognition and benefits they truly deserve. Leap and cut out the middle man to find the success and fame you have always wanted.