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eBook Publishing Formats

Both authors and readers will always treasure hard copy books, and particularly when publishing your first book, there is nothing like the feeling of holding your very first published book in your hands. That is why we also support ebook publishing formats.

However, publishing your book electronically and physically hugely widens your book’s diversity and marketability.

Having a published electronic version of your book means that you have a far greater audience, much larger promotional opportunities, and strengthens your ability to make a greater return on your publishing investment.

Customers can purchase and read it at the click of a button. If you are an established author with one or a hundred books already behind you, now is the time to maximise your sales and publicity by releasing them as e-books.

If you are a first-time author, we recommend including this process in your publishing goals to increase both the diversity and the sales of your book. e-books are now a critical part of the new age of publishing. While printing hard copy books is still an essential part of the publishing journey, releasing your e-book meets a growing audience’s needs. It will undoubtedly give you more selling opportunities.

eBooks Creation with Global Distribution Package

Angel Key Publications can provide comprehensive marketing modules to promote your books, whether physical or electronic. Book marketing and promotion is essential no matter the publishing format, as your customer base still need to know that your book exists and is available.

eBook publishing is ever-changing and growing rapidly. Because of this, Angel Key Publications makes sure to stay current with the progressions and trends in the publishing world to provide the most effective services and deliver the most successful and up-to-date products. A qualified and knowledgeable team must be producing your ebook to the desired formats suitable for today’s market, and Angel Key Publications is here to help!