Spitting Feathers by Pearl Ashby

Spitting Feathers with Angel Key PublicationsSpitting Feathers with Angel Key Publications

Christine, (Author name:Pearl Ashby) one of 12 authors to date takes advantage of Angel Keys In home mobile publishing services in order to self publish her new Book ‘Spitting Feathers’. Christine also utilized our newly launched Australian ‘Print On Demand Package’. With 100% royalty going to authors.

Summary: It takes one person to enter your life, or one event to occur. Then, without warning the whole course of one’s life changes. Spitting Feathers is a memoir set in Lancashire, England when Pearl, a widow, meets Alan White on a blind date. Believing she had found true happiness, she agrees to move in with him.


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    comment Clare Goff says

    Loved this book. Couldn’t put it down. It was like stepping into Pearl’s shoes.

  2. REPLY
    comment Judith Wallis says

    Pearl Ashby’s bewilderment and frustration is clear and has the reader turning pages seeking answers to the puzzling questions that emerge when she marries a man met on a blind date.
    Pearl makes it clear, sometimes there are no answers. Life’s like that. Spitting Feathers is a different and somewhat unsettling story.


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