One Little Sparrow by Judith Wallis

One Little Sparrow with Angel Key PublicationsOne Little Sparrow with Angel Key Publications

Judith Wallis grew up in a small country town in Taranaki, New Zealand. She now lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Emotionally engaging and insightful, her memoir written in ‘autobiographical form but not in fact’ chronicles a young girl’s coming of age.

Her father is dying, her mother withdrawn. Ten year old Ana clings to her belief in a God who promises to care for even the smallest of sparrows.Pushed from her home at the age of fourteen, she is determined to be strong but life keeps presenting more and much greater obstacles.



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    comment Suzie Julian says

    This book captured me early on & I struggled to put it down. Once finished I thought ‘what an amazing book. What an amazing author.’ It is one I will share with my nearest & dearest.

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