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Angel Key and Heather Blackstock

Heather Blackstock enjoyed a country upbringing on a mixed farming property at ‘Hucclecote,’ Dorrigo. N.S.W.

After leaving school, her first 20 years of employment consisted of a variety of clerical duties. Then Heather became self-employed as a full time and competitive, and successful artist. Some of Heathers meritorious achievements include an Associate Diploma of Creative Arts at the Riverina College of Advanced Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts at Griffith University (Gold Coast). Heather has artworks held in City Collections and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Since losing her husband in 1999, Heather has travelled extensively and become a Marriage Celebrant and a Justice of the Peace. In November 2006, Heather was awarded a Fellowship with the Royal Queensland Art Society(Gold Coast).

Heathers most successful achievement has been her illustrations for ‘The Australian Book of Nursery Rhyme’. Heather was asked in 2008 by Ruth Holmes, who is a member of the Dorrigo Historical Society if she would write a memoir for her father George Winkley, and she did. ‘Dawn Till Dusk’ then followed. Heather’s work is represented in five self-published books with a writing Group, ‘Eloquence Coterie’. In addition, Heather has recently published an illustrated poetry book, ‘Passages From Life’ and ‘Short Stories, Not All Lies’ with Angel Key Publications P/L.

The contribution of ‘Short Stories, Not All Lies’ was inspired by natural human nature factors, crossing borders of beliefs and offering poignant truths and nuances from a diversity of life. They include adventurous travel, unusual events, love lost and found. In sharing unforgettable memories, they give insight into our forever changing times and values. All book titles are visible online and can be purchased online through various outlets. 

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