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Ian Lewis - Managing Director

Is Angel Key Publications right for you?

  • To begin with, we are a small family-owned and operated professional publishing and printing service provider
  • To summarise, we are an assisted self-publishing service. We are a new breed of unique publishing services.
  • As a result of working for over 12 years in the Publishing and Printing Industry, we are confident we can provide the best services and advice to new authors Australia wide.
  • For the most part, we don’t have high-cost overheads such as office buildings or business marketing platforms to maintain. Nor do we employ sales agents to chase you up for a sale. Low overheads – more savings for you!
  • We can work together online, or we can come to you in some cases. 
  • We don’t offer overpriced ‘one size fits all’ publishing packages. 
  • We do not use paid advertising in any form. Instead, we rely mainly on referrals from satisfied published authors. 

We offer unique, honest, straightforward, affordable, comprehensive publishing/printing services with NO FRILLS. In addition to an upfront approach, that’s light on your pocket. If all this sounds good to you, then read on…  With a free services evaluation consultation, what have you got to lose?

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Angel Key Publications is an Assisted Self-Publishing Service

 Care is our main point of difference! That is who we are as individuals.
Our dedicated  publishing team at Angel Key Publications will take time for you.
Apples versus Apples: It may be true that you only get what you pay for.
But what if you get the opportunity to pay less for your book publishing and
book printing services within Australia and get more? 
Together with a genuine Care Factor!

These are Angel Key Publications’ promises

To begin with, if you choose a Print On Demand Service with Angel Key Publications, as the author, you will own 100 per cent of everything we create for you. So how do we do this? Answer; By setting authors up as the publisher of their book.

Consequently, Angel Key Publications™ is Australia’s first self-publishing company helping authors set themselves up as individual publishers. Authors maintain full autonomy and profits. You are the publisher of your work. The only signature required by Angel Key Publications™ Pty Ltd is to accept your quoted costs for the services and or products you have nominated. For example, an acknowledgement of acceptance of our terms is required. We don’t hold any rights or commissions whatsoever to your valuable work. Your files and your books are personal and are yours. You own the copyright of YOUR WORK.

You own everything we create for you.

For instance, you own every file, interior, book cover, eBook, audiobook, 3D image, sales sheet, web banner, or press release. Anything you ask us to create for your book is yours. You never have to repurchase these from us on completing your book project. You own it all.

In brief, many self-publishing companies make you pay to get your source files or may not provide them at all. Unfortunately, this may tie you in to their service for life. However, we are confident you will come back if you need help, advice or a second edition.

Thereby, after completing our author services, Angel Key Publications doesn’t take one single dollar from any author. We can set you up so that you can manage sales from your chosen platform, viewing website sales in real-time. All sales royalties from your book go directly into your own PayPal or Bank Account per sale of your book.

By the way, no publishing services provider (vanity publisher) wants you to know this.

Angel Key Publications professional team

The Angel Key Publications team’s proven approach with all aspects of services provided, above all, achieves tight integration of people and processes across their publishing journey. Together with team members holding over 12 years of experience in the publishing and printing industry. We work in each Author/publisher’s best interest. As a result, with rigorous attention to publication integrity while ensuring the author maintains all rights and royalties, our Self Publishing model delivers the most successful and cost-effective customer/publisher collaboration possible.

We customize your quote based on your needs.

In the first place, we will tell you what we can do based on your conversation with us. You must control your budget. We don’t insist on set price publishing packages. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all. Every fee you incur working with us is fully disclosed on our publishing quote. Subsequently, you don’t sign a book contract with us. Instead, you have a service agreement that is fully disclosed upfront. We are happy to explain if you have questions. 

Essentially, we offer a ‘Fee for Service’ arrangement.


Subsequently, Angel Key Publications™ operates Australia-wide, so location nor book genre is a barrier to working with us. We create many book formats and styles across various genres.

How do Angel Key Publications value your privacy?

We only initiate up to four follow up contacts with you. These are conducted by email or phone after your initial signing up for information on web forms. Who wants to be chased up by phone or email regularly for the sake of a sale? We value your privacy. Besides, our business model and success rate are proven over our 12 years of operation.

Team to date: Sydney J Yates – Spokesperson. Ian Lewis – General Managing Director and Design. Alice and Shay – Project Managing and Consulting. Maz and Grace – Contracted Editors. Paul and Corey – Contract Web, Design and eBook Developers. Harold and Tony – Print Managers. 

How do we define personal service?

As a new author, you will find the maze of self-publishing and book printing information quite daunting.

• We aim to deliver the information you need to put you on the right track.
• We believe Knowledge is Power.
• We provide actual hints for success.
• We take the time with you to determine the services you require and your budget.
• We believe your publishing journey should be an informed and enjoyable experience.

A willingness to please. Our motto is ‘Care is our point of difference’. So we take the time for you.

Angel Key Publications – Summary

We produced a publishing model like no other through our feedback working in the publishing and printing industry over the years.

Through the love in our hearts and our strong determination, we succeeded with our vision. We have enjoyed many journeys assisting authors to self publish with ultimate success.

Angel Key Publications in Australia assists authors self to publish with ‘Care, as our main point of difference’. We take the time for you! Angel Key Publications in Australia helps authors publish their new books Australia-wide.

In a nutshell: Unique, honest, straightforward, affordable, absolute value, comprehensive publishing/printing services are accessible to authors.

Book Printing Services – Quality Guaranteed – includes Offset Press Book Printing and Digital Book Printing.

Types of Book Printing: Family History Book Printing, Yearbook Printing, Hardcover Book Printing, Coffee Table Printing, Paperback Novel Book Printing, Memoir or Poetry Book Printing, Saddle Stitch Book Printing and Business Book Printing.

Print from 10 -100,000 books or take advantage of our POD (PRINT ON DEMAND ONLINE SETUP FOR WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION). With 100% royalty to you and no lock-in contracts or hidden extras. Available for Paperback books and eBook formats.

Angel Key Publications – In a nutshell

As a rule, we won’t sell you what you don’t need or can’t use. Care is our main point of difference. We take the time for you!

We don’t have scripts or use any hard-sell techniques. Nor do we contact you relentlessly. That is a sign of a vanity publisher. We are not a one size fits all publishing services provider either. We don’t sell you products and services that won’t help you with your book. Our integrity, honesty and reputation are important to us. Our publishing and marketing services are professional, innovative and supportive of your needs. Of course, we would love your business, but we won’t bug you to get it.

The Angel Key Publications™ service model began using feedback from thousands of authors embarking on self-publishing worldwide. We produced a publishing model business through this feedback received, unique and unlike any other. Through the love in our hearts and our strong determination, we succeeded with our vision. We have enjoyed many journeys with so many grateful now published authors. Authors need and now have access to unique, honest, straightforward, affordable, absolute value, comprehensive publishing/printing services. We listened to you!

Angel Key Publications™ provides quality, affordable book publishing and book printing service options designed especially for new self-publishers.

As an experienced publishing and printing service provider, we are keen to make your self-publishing and book printing journey easier.

Book Marketing

Read More: Our innovative book marketing tools are designed to generate interest in your book. Call us today. Please chat with us about your book publishing options and requirements. Jen or Ian would love to receive your call.

Our specialties are Hard Cover Coffee Table Books, School Yearbooks, Print on Demand Setup, Family History Books and AudioBooks.

Read More: Book Publishing and Book Printing Options to determine the best business model option for your book publishing/printing requirements.

We are proud to be a family-owned, independent Australian Self-Publishing Company. We offer a unique, complete book publishing easy ‘step-by-step process’ specially developed to help first-time authors self-publish their new books. Consultants on the Angel Key Publications Australia-wide team are highly trained and motivated. But, more importantly, we are committed to taking the time for you. 

Why self publish your new book(s) with Angel Key Publications?

Book Publishing Services – Affordable $ professional services include ISBN & CiP Registrations, Children’s Book illustrations, Book Editing and Proofreading Services, eBook ePub Or Mobi formats professionally created, Book Formatting and Book Content Layouts, Manuscript Appraisals and Cover Design Services.
Book Marketing Services include Video Book Trailers, Promotional Materials, Press Releases and POD Distribution services with Marketing Options.
Other Services Angel Key Publications provides Website Design and Website Optimization (SEO), Facebook and Social Business Page Creation with maintenance and Media Releases. Professional Article Writing for blogs and website optimization. Business Branding services are now also available.
Angel Key Publications in Australia assists authors self to publish affordably, with full support. We focus on maintaining a comfortable environment, offering a mobile service to your home or suggesting a meeting place to regions as listed. 

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) Explained

If we obtain ISBNs for you, an imprint is filed with the ISBN, with Angel Key Publications Pty Ltd listed as the designated publisher. Our Publishing Business Name will appear next to your book title and ISBN online. There will be a line like this on your copyright page: ‘Published with the assistance of Angel Key Publications. A bonus for you.

Distributors and retailers prefer to purchase books with a designated publisher’s assistance, guidance, and support. However, it doesn’t mean we own your book or profit or claim any rights to your book. It simply means that our professional registered publishing company assisted with file preparations etc. You purchased our imprinted ISBNs; that is all, nothing more. We will list your book title on The Angel Key Publications List of published books available for sale with Thorpe Bowker. Distributors and buyers use these lists to access titles they want to purchase. They usually do not search for single authors’ self-published books. (When we apply for your ISBN with Thorpe Bowker, from our list of ISBNs, we write clearly in their processing application that you are the author of your work and own the copyright of your work). If you don’t wish to be on Angel Key Publications’ book title list of available books for sale’, you are encouraged to apply to Bowkerlink for your ISBN.

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