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Looking for Quality Book Printing?

Choose from a variety of book printing options: Offset book printing, digital book printing, offshore book printing, eBooks, audiobooks and print-on-demand services.

Whether you want to print 10 books or 100,000 books, Angel Key Publications will listen to your needs and offer the best advice to assist with your book printing choice. Choose from a wide selection of styles and printing options to find the perfect design to express your unique story.

Popular printing options include family history book printing, school yearbook printing, hardcover book printing, coffee table book printing, paperback novel book printing, memoir or poetry book printing, saddle stitch book printing and business book printing. In-person service support available Brisbane, South Burnett, Kingaroy, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. Telephone and email options Australia -wide.


Ready to become a self-published author?

We make self-publishing easy with our unique step by step fully supported publishing process.

Whether you have a family history book to publish and print, a school yearbook, a hardcover or coffee table book, a paperback novel book, memoir, poetry book, a children’s or business book to publish we have publishing solutions right for you.  Don’t be locked into 50% or more deposits. Ask about our ‘PAY AS YOU GO SERVICE OPTION’.


Our Difference

As a certified authors service provider, you will own everything we create.



With years of experience behind us, we know all about book publishing and how the industry works. Using our easy step by step process, we can make the self-publishing process easy for you.

We utilise book printing and book design services that are dynamically affordable and fully guaranteed.

Personal Service

Start with an in-depth discussion to ensure your self-publishing journey is successful in every single way. We take the time for you!

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